Bitter Sweet by Fhionna Mac

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   Aeneas has a wonderful home, a good job and a supportive boss, but he desperately seeks change. He is the master of his own fate but is drawn to the possibilities of life as a slave. He’s never shared this desire with anyone but concludes it’s time to confide in his best friend, Hank, hoping he will understand.

   Fhionna has her own display-artist business but also runs a successful fetish event called Violate. She lives on the outskirts of Glasgow in a large house inherited from her parents but has converted the basement in to a wonderful dungeon. She’s an intense character who is head strong, intelligent, and loves to be adored, but believes that respect is paramount to all of her relationships. She has high standards and expects the same of others.

   The characters that gravitate towards her have their own motives for wanting to be a part of her life but Stephan becomes a major interest to her. He exudes charm and has many talents but his masochism is his true gift. This makes him the prime target for Aeneas’ jealousy as it becomes apparent that he is highly valued by her. Stephan is the person who is most capable of disrupting Aeneas’ choice to remain as her slave, even though it’s the one thing he’s always dreamed of becoming.



      I’ve lived and loved being part of a wonderful BDSM community for just over 30 years and I truly love all those I choose to consensually Own. The first time I attended a fetish club I felt a little out of my depth but by the 4th time, in as many months, I’d decided it was the lifestyle for me (as a dominant woman). It didn’t take me long, afterwards, to establish my own fetish club, with my partner and 3 friends, which ran every month for 16 years. I taught myself to expertly use all manner of ‘toys’ but quickly grew to adore the pain/pleasure dichotomy and evolved into a compassionate sadist. While it may sound as though such contradictory concepts are not compatible, the paradox is that one should only exist in unison with the other.

   When I’m not travelling, I enjoy studying and have gained a BA in English Literature, a BSC Hon in Psychology, and an MA in Sociology and Semiotics. I live at home, in Scotland, with my wonderful partner and our spoiled dog, Hector.

Latex slave

Latex slave



                                  There, his supple body lay in chain,

bound and gagged as My sweet gift alone,

and from his Master, there is ever pain

to be endured and cause his lustful moan.


Her subject, ever grateful for release,

begs his Master, still, for bondage more,

for that is when his mind is most at peace

and that is when his heart is free to soar.


The hearts of both the Owner and the slave

are filled with passion, joy and much respect,

for on his heart, Her mark, must She engrave...

 the smallest ripple, he can then detect.


The truest bond that We/we can ever make.

A special love, laid out for both to take.




Consensual Slavery

Fictionalised Autobiography

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