Aware of his flagging energy, she reached through the bars of the cage to lightly touch his nipples. She felt him flinch, slightly, but was happy to see him surrender. She listened to him moan and noticed saliva escape from the bottom of the gag and run down his chest as he parted his lips a little. He also moved his hands as if in an attempt to wipe it away.


The proximity of her body made him shiver in anticipation and the feeling of helpless surrender only heightened his need to please her as much as he possibly could. Her smile and her laugh were the highest rewards he could ever receive and her displeasure the worst punishment he would ever have thought possible.




She loved the dance of it. She craved the moans, the movements, the struggling and the ultimate surrender. It was the best feeling ever. Through patience and care, her slaves would give her the universe.


When I met her for the first time at Violate we didn’t talk much about masochism and submission, and the differences between them, but I think this is something that interests her.


He said he loved being able to give his body as a canvas because he admired the artistry of the marks after play.