About the book


I’ve recently written a novel based on my life. It’s an erotic story about Dominance and submission.




He looked up at her and for the first time, possibly ever, couldn’t fathom her feelings. Usually she had such an expressive face, especially her high arching eyebrow, but at that moment she seemed far away. He was always firmly in the present in her company, ready and waiting for the slightest hint of any need he could fulfil for her. He stared, even though he knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t draw his eyes away. At last, the smile he knew so well returned and he felt able to relax a little. His happiness was so dependent, no, wrapped up in hers that at times he felt it was all he could do to keep breathing.

   Fhionna was in another time as she looked out of the heavily-leaded window, across the crisp lawn, to the rusty summer house with its glass panes cracked from the years of cold winters and the once sleek, white, paint hanging from its beams like the flakes of snow that now covered the whole garden. How she’d loved it there, cherished her youth, playing in the summer house with the girl next door. She remembered Katie fondly, the way she bound her wrists with her mother's silk scarves. They were delicate and yet yielded such strength and power in their use as restraints. Fhionna, herself, had been described as such over the years. Strong and powerful yet graceful and gentle. Tender but with such a passion to dominate. Fond Memories.

The worst punishment she could ever bestow upon him would be her silence. Fhionna was well aware of this fact and, indeed, had trained him to respond in this way. This thought excited her greatly and she felt her face flush with passion towards him.

 "Head bowed", she said, and he obeyed.